Laboratory technician
Laboratory technician  

Salary 5000-8000 RMB / Month

Work place Wuxi City-- Xinwu District Ningbo City—Gaoxin District

Job Highlights Five insurances and one gold Performance bonus Perfect Attendance Award Transport Allowance Paid annual leave Supplementary medical insurance Regular medical examination Holiday benefits

Skill requirements Biological Engineering Pharmacy Biotechnology Clinical medicine Biochemical analysis experiment Cell culture technology

Job Responsibilities

1 Responsible for company R & D and technical management. Achieve the company’s technological innovation goals.

2 Responsible for organizing the R & D team to carry out R & D project establishment product development process verification & confirmation and change management.

3 Responsible for product design and structure design, ensure the smooth mass production of new products.

4 Responsible for new materials and new technology application research management.

5 Carry out technical research and technical improvement work technical improvement programs and measures. Responsible for signing opinions Continuously improve the technological level.

6 Research and analysis of the technology market of R & D products. Propose new product market forecast and listing plan.

job requirements:

1 Master degree or above.

2 Bioengineering, biotechnology, molecular biology, medical testing and other related majors.

3 Experience in research and development of PCR test kits is preferred.

4 Ability to work independently according to R & D purpose.

5 Have team spirit, sense of responsibility, strong communication skills, and be able to travel for a short time.