Research and development Manager

R & D Manager

Salary Salary negotiable

Work place Wuxi City-- Xinwu District

Job Highlights Five insurances and one gold Performance bonus Perfect Attendance Award Transport Allowance Paid annual leave Supplementary medical insurance Regular medical examination Holiday benefits

Job Responsibilities:

1 Responsible for hosting the daily work of the R & D department to achieve the company’s R & D mission goals.

2 Responsible for organizing the R & D team to work in accordance with the R & D process and specifications.

3 Responsible for internal review of R & D projects.

4 Organize the project cooperation work.

5 Carrying out technical breakthroughs and technical improvement work, signing opinions on technical improvement plans and measures, and continuously improving process technology level.

6 Research and analyze the technology market of R & D products, and put forward new product market prediction and listing plans.

job requirements:

1 Master degree or above; more than 5 years of work experience; more than 2 years of relevant post experience.

2 Medical, biological engineering, molecular biology and other related majors.

3 Working experience in IVD product development; working experience in GMP system is preferred.

4 Ability to independently undertake research and development work, with the ability to organize work and analyze problems.

5 With a team spirit, a sense of responsibility, and earnestness.

6 With a challenging spirit, able to withstand work pressure.