African swine fever solution

African swine fever (ASF) is an acute, hot, and highly contagious disease of swine caused by African swine fever virus (ASFV). The virus can be inactivated under the condition of "60 ° C + 30 minutes" The morbidity rate is usually between 40% and 85%, and the post-morbidity mortality rate can reach 100%. African swine fever virus generally invades pig body from oral cavity and upper respiratory tract, or is bitten by poisonous ticks. Pork, meat products, pork residues in international airports, seaports and other places in the affected areas may carry the virus. The incubation period is generally 5-15 days, but acute cases only need 3-4 days, and pigs infected with acute African swine fever generally die within 2-10 days.

Removable RAA on-site rapid molecular detection platform to help re-production on-site African swine fever detection solution.

"Four Steps" for daily monitoring of pig farms:

Step 1: risk assessment By reasonably assessing the risk of non-blast disease prevention and control on the farm, developing a reasonable sampling and testing plan, timely discovering potential risk points and giving early warning
Step 2: Sampling.
Step 3: molecular detection.
Step 4: scientific experimental results guide the production of pigs on the farm.

Main points of African swine fever detection and diagnosis technology(Click to download)