Cat (Dog) Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit(Fluorescent RT-RAA)
Product number:F10R12
Product Usage:This kit is for scientific research use only. Qualitative detection of cat (dog) coronavirus RNA by fluorescent RAA provides an auxiliary means for the detection of cat (dog) coronavirus.

RAA technology is the abbreviation of Recombinase Aided Amplification Technology. It is a kind of polymer scanning that uses recombinase, single-strand binding protein and DNA polymerase under isothermal conditions at 37 ℃ to form a polymer with primers. Double-stranded DNA unwinds double-stranded DNA at a sequence homologous to the primer. Under the action of single-stranded binding protein (SSB) and DNA polymerase, strand replacement occurs between the primer and template, and new DNA fragments can be rapidly amplified in vitro. And in the presence of single-chain binding protein and condensation agent polyethylene glycol, this process is repeated continuously to finally achieve efficient nucleic acid amplification, and the target gene can be amplified by millions of times within 5-20 minutes , Reaching a level that can be detected with the instrument.